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  • Хотел Троян Плаза 4* - Троян Хотели в Троян - Хотел Троян Плаза 4*

  • Контакти Софклима БГ ООД 1408 гр. София, жк. Стрелбище, ул. Боровец 11, Телефон  02/ 955 01 01,, Дайкин, Daikin Контакти

  • Hotel PLAZA - Varna, Bulgaria - Business hotel

    Hotel Plaza Varna

    About Us За нас Plaza Reception

    Plaza Hotel occupies the pedestrian area of Varna’s bustling city centre. Opened during the summer of 2002, Plaza Hotel offers its customers comfort and tranquility all the year around. Its central location - next to the world, famous Festival & Congress Centre and a short distance from the Maritime Garden and the beach - макеs the hotel a favorite place for both business and pleasure.

    Enjoy your stay in the Plaza Hotel – the perfect combination of modern facilities and friendly ambience!


    Situated among a range of small cafes and attractive restaurants, Plaza hotel is a preferred place for different customers, including famous actors, politicians, foreign crews from crew manning agencies and real - estate agencies’ clients.